Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trusty--Find Local Service Providers

What Company Is Offering:
Trusty’s is a FREE services network: a localized directory where service providers and small business owners create profiles, cultivate their reputations, and encourage references (reviews and ratings) from clients. Everyone who joins can provide feedback and share knowledge about who provides good service (and who doesn't).

How It Works:

Members can search, browse and sort for service providers based on a reputation, location, price, quality of service, and specialties. They can communicate, share advice, seek referrals or build relationships across the community. Trusty's replicates traditional, small-town, word-of-mouth recommendations for help, but on a much broader scale.Trusty’s relies on a simple truth: service businesses are built on reputations. By building a transparent system for comparing the relative strengths of service businesses, and a social network for sharing recommendations and reviews, members can make informed decisions about who they hire.

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