Friday, January 16, 2009

OpenInviter Is An Free Import Contacts

What Company Is Offering:
Open source OpenInviter (Open Inviter) is an free import contacts (addressbook) script from email providers like Gawab,, Netaddress,, Lycos,, Yahoo!, Apropo, Uk2, Nz11, Evite,,, Bigstring, Popstarmail,,, Clevergo, Care2,, Walla, GMail, Rediff, Abv, Terra, FastMail, OperaMail, IndiaTimes, Rambler,, Libero, Hushmail, Yandex, 5Fm, Azet, Doramail, Zapakmail, AOL, Live/Hotmail, KataMail or social portals like Bebo, Flixster, MySpace, Vimeo, Flickr, Cyworld, Friendster, Xanga, Tagged, Xing, Plaxo, Plurk, Meinvz, Facebook, Skyrock, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hyves, Orkut, Perfspot, Hi5, This contacts importer script is integrating with content management systems (aka CMS) like Joomla, JamRoom, Wordpress, vBulletin, PhpBB, Social Engine, Joomla1.0, Drupal, PunBB, SimpleMachines Forum (SMF). Open Inviter is written in PHP 5 (no database required but cURL or wget required) and running on any webserver (tested on Apache) offering advanced tell a friend features. OpenInviter is a free self hosted solution that does not use a third party gateway (or API) to import contacts.

Unique Features:
Easy access to your visitors address book in all major email providers and social networks around the world.

Completely painless and easy way of integrating in your website. It takes virtually not more than 5 minutes to have your own OpenInviter up and running on your site.

Constant updates so that you can sit back and relax and always have access to the latest ways to get your visitor's address book.

Real time access to the service statuses so you can know if there is an email provider that is not working right with OpenInviter.

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