Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What Company Is Offering:
eHire is the web 2.0 career-driven community – the professional glue – that unites candidates with recruiters. eHire exists to provide a secure place where candidates and recruiters can network and enhance their careers.

How It Works:

The eHire Community serves as the crossroads of the information highway for career-minded individuals. All on one interface, the time-saving eHire platform allows for the easy and effective communication between candidates and recruiters, the meshing of these two forces, and the incubating and growth of important business relationships that benefit both candidates and recruiters:

Candidates in the eHire Community are rewarded not only by landing new jobs, but by developing entire careers.

Recruiters in the eHire Community are rewarded not only by filling requirements at a quicker pace, but by developing entire businesses.

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