Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Episodic to publish, manage, and monetize your videos on the web

What Company Is Offering:
Episodic provides everything you need to publish, manage, and monetize your videos on the web.

How It Works:

Publish any format to reach your audience anywhere, on any screen. Simultaneously deliver content via the web, iPod/iPhone compatible mp4s, and stream your content to mobile devices. Its analytics data shows you exactly where and how people watch your content. Inspect exactly where in the clip viewers drop off, where they rewind, or where they fast-forward.
Make your player as original as your content. Design a player that best fits your branding, style and content. Control every frame that comes through your player, down to the advertising. Use our ad server to manage your campaigns or choose from one of the 3rd party ad servers we've integrated. Automatically program your content across the web, on every channel, in every social network, wherever your audience may find your content.

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