Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MyStartSite --Personalized Search

What Company Is Offering:
MyStartSite is a personalized homepage allowing you to search multiple sites, provides easy access to your favorite sites, and allows you to receive news headlines.

MyStartSite allows you to search these websites- and more- by serving as a single starting point. You can view the results from a selected search engine without having to actually go to the homepage for that specific search engine. As a customizable homepage, you can also store your favorite bookmarks and receive news headlines (from RSS feeds).

How It Works:

Step #1:
Open your web browser
Step #2:
Type the web address of the search engine you want to use
Step #3:
Enter your search criteria

With MyStartSite as your homepage, you can skip Step #2. Once you open your browser, you have access to search multiple websites without having to go to them.

More at:http://www.mystartsite.com/

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Anonymous said...

i use it. i like it.