Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OneSpot for the best Web content for targeted online audiences

What Company Is Offering:
OneSpot allows anyone to discover, curate and publish the best Web content for targeted online audiences. The company's patent-pending Publishing-as-a-Service™ platform provides a fundamentally new and better model for media sites, traditional publishers, business brands and bloggers to leverage third party content that drives site traffic, audience engagement, SEO performance and email response rates.

How Much They Got From VCs:

OneSpot, the Web Content Curation Company, announced that it has closed a $4.2 million round of funding led by Dallas-based Silver Creek Ventures. The company plans to use the round to dramatically expand the reach of its subscription-based Web service, which intelligently aggregates, filters, and prioritizes millions of pieces of content every day for vertical media audiences. Web publishers and editorial staff use OneSpot to discover, curate and share the Web's best targeted, vertical content to drive traffic, audience engagement and ad monetization.

Business Model:
The OneSpot service, available on a subscription basis, monitors hundreds of thousands of Web sources, finding and linking to the Web's best content for a publisher-specified audience. Publishers maintain control over what is ultimately shared with their audiences, and can choose from delivery formats including a widget, webpage, RSS/Atom feed, or email newsletter. This new model for Web publishing allows for the delivery of significantly higher volumes of high quality content output.

More at: www.onespot.com

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