Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SuggestionBox.com is tools to improve your business

What Company Is Offering:
With a customer relationship solution like SuggestionBox.com, you have the tools to improve your business by leveraging powerful management, communication, collaboration and marketing features. Build better relationships with your customers by making their feedback a catalyst for your business.

Why It Could Works:

Go right to the source. By turning learning into fast action, you and your team will be able to make better informed decisions on what you deliver to customers.

Millions of customer are online right now talking about the experiences they've had with multiple businesses. SuggestionBox.com enables you to protect your name and be a part of that conversation by giving your customers a place to reach you, share their ideas and connect.

Most customers will look elsewhere if they don't feel like someone is listening to their needs. Creating a SuggestionBox page will ensure these customers know you're listening and will build the loyalty you need to increase customer retention.

Research shows that unhappy employees can adversely affect the customer experience by providing poor customer service. Giving your employees direct access to the customer via our collaboration and communication features gives them a sense of ownership in the process.

More at:http://www.suggestionbox.com/

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