Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Use ClearFormat to send your email with corporate branding

What Company Is Offering:
ClearFormat is a marketing communications tool that allows you to unify and attach your corporate identity to all outgoing emails. ClearFormat presents your organization with a unique opportunity to leverage the numerous standard outgoing business emails that are delivered daily to your valued customers and business partners, by providing a compelling new dimension to corporate branding and marketing. Internal email features are added to all your outgoing emails to give your company cutting edge intelligent emails with creative templates and embedded marketing messages.

How it Works:

Use ClearFormat to send your email with corporate branding, images, disclaimers and marketing messages. Email branding offered by ClearFormat gives companies the tool set to effectively manage and control a legally secure marketing and communications platform. All your outgoing emails can be monitored and tracked to give you a statistical breakdown on how successful your email marketing campaigns are doing. Create groups within you company email structure, separate email campaigns and implement different marketing banners for different users! You are in full control with ClearFormat’s intelligent emailing features. ClearFormat also integrates legally compliant email footers set forth by the industry.

Fully compatible with Google Apps, Hosted Exchange or any on-premise mail-servers. This professional email branding and marketing solution uses unique latency-free technology. There is no hardware or software to download, install, or maintain. Simple setting changes will re-direct your emails through our branding service with no complications.

More at:http://www.clearformat.com/

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