Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LigerTail. Driving Traffic to Your Content

What Company Is Offering:
LigerTail harnesses the wisdom of the crowds to merge organic content with advertising. It does so with the use of a tiered user interface, open analytics, and an auction system.
LigerTail. Driving Traffic to Your Content.LigerTail is here to let the world organize its information.

How It Works:

As a content owner - whether you're a retail store owner, a film director, an actor, a musician, a photographer, a blogger, a scientist or simply a creative with a day job - you want to build an audience.

In the past, the path to celebrity status has been to put your work online, harass some friends, spam your colleagues, and pray for virality.

Now, with LigerTail's open, tranparent platform you have historical and real-time traffic statistics to base your marketing decisions on before you spend a dime. Simply use the submission form to link your content, describe it, and pick how much traffic you want to flow.

You won't find black-box algorithms or opaque pricing systems here. We believe that the market is the best decision maker, that is why you have all the data at your disposal and you choose how much to spend.

Or, if you're just looking to be entertained or cruise through some quality content you've definitely come to the right place.

More at:http://www.ligertail.com/

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