Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Team Effect is to help plan, schedule and track your projects

What Company Is Offering:
Team Effect is a Web 2.0 project management system designed to help plan, schedule and track your projects. It helps you maintain control of your projects by reducing the effort required to plan your project and keep it up to date.

How Is It Different:

Its unique visual approach to planing and scheduling. Everything is shown on one simple calendar and all changes are click and drag. Project planning, tasks, forecasting and scheduling are all made easy with its visual click and drag gantt charts.

More at:http://www.teameffect.com/

1 comment:

Joel said...

Thanks for the mention. We have just done a new release of Team Effect on the sly (no press yet).

It includes a long list of features including collaborative(blog like) functions.

Check it out before its official.