Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MyContextualAds Can Replace Google Adsense

What Company Is Offering:
MyContextualAds is a contextual based ad product and is therefore not compatible with ad systems that prohibit the presence of other similar contextual systems. However, there is an option of MyContextualAds where you don’t use the Contextual Engine and instead provide keywords of your own for generating the ads, but it don’t recommend it.

How It Works:

MyContextualAds.com uses semantic, statistical, and linguistic algorithms to analyze content, extracting and ranking keywords to match them to the most relevant products on the Amazon.com Marketplace and delivering contextual ads that are served on your website or blog.

One reason that its ads are so profitable for you is that they are relevant to your site content – which makes for higher click through rates on your HTML pages. Whenever a site visitors clicks on a contextual ad on your page, they are automatically directed to the corresponding product page on Amazon.com where they can make their purchase. As a website owner, with every transaction that is completed after a visitor clicks on the contextual ad from your website or blog, you make a percentage of the total revenue as a referral fee.

More at:http://mycontextualads.com/

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