Tuesday, July 28, 2009

nuzart.com is a community for designers, photographers, artists and painters

What Company Is Offering:
nuzart.com is a community for designers, photographers, artists and painters, either professionals or novices that want to expose their works and sell custom reproductions; that is, customers may decide the size and material of the printed reproduction.

nuzart.com allows the artist to focus on the development of their talent, meanwhile we deal with the promotion of the works, the management of sells, the production in different materials and stands and the shipping to all over the world. The artist only has to place the amount of money he wants to earn every time one of his work's reproduction is sold.

Besides, nuzart.com allows to the members of the community, artists or buyers, be in contact, share experiences and judge the works.

Why To Use It:

To artists, photographers, designers, painters and any artist in general, professionals or novices, that want to make themselves known and also sell their work and are interested in learn, review and know about other artists.

To art and decoration reproduction buyers that want to make custom orders, that is, deciding about the material, size and format of the work, at low price and that may be interested in contact the artists. To headhunters who want to find and contact no novice artist.

More at:http://www.nuzart.com/

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