Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A book of business best practices could be written by "the crowd"?

About Company:

In a time where community and social networks are starting to infiltrate every aspect of our personal and professional lives, they decided to test the notion that a book of business best practices could be written by "the crowd," and they are excited to have participated in this groundbreaking experiment.
We Are Smarter Than Me is sustained completely through the support of its original founding organizations, its volunteer community managers, the active participation of its contributors and the generosity of its sponsors.

How It Works:
It represents the collective wisdom of their respective communities, and a large number of individuals who joined the community during the course of the project.
n the spirit of continuing the process of innovation, we have already set out to “crowdsource” a second book focused on employees as vibrant social networks will reshape the organization as we all know it today—including leadership, governance, and compensation. This book will be the next in a series of several topic-specific books that demonstrate the power of “WE.”

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