Wednesday, February 20, 2008

WhyGoSolo is for making spontaneous connections happen

What Company Is Offering:
WhyGoSolo is for making spontaneous connections happen... therefore, bringing about the end of boredom. And you're thinking... "What does that mean?"

It means, always being able to find or post activities you're interested in doing, and always finding someone to do your favorite activities with. It doesn't matter what your interests are: sports, the arts, culture, food, games—you name it, you'll be able to find a like-minded person with the same interests to go and enjoy your favorite activities. No more wondering what to do on your day off, on the weekends, in the evenings or when you have some free-time. With WhyGoSolo... you can always find something to do with someone new and exciting.

How It Works:
WhyGoSolo is perfect for all the things you love to do but you don't have the right person to do the activities with. WhyGoSolo is splendid for those occasions when you're on the road traveling, left behind by your friends, stuck with cancelled plans or just relocated to a new area. WhyGoSolo is also ideal for those moments when you feel spontaneous and find yourself with an afternoon or day off or you want to try something new and meet someone new.

WhyGoSolo is currently free. You can sign-up, create your profile, post listings and take part in the Handshake Process at no cost. Since this is the first version of WhyGoSolo if you Upgrade now you will receive a lifetime membership for the cost of the yearly membership fee. With your Upgrade you will receive a membership card, as well as an Accepting Company Sign. Upon the full release of WhyGoSolo yearly membership fee will apply.
It's a WhyGoSolo branded sign that says Accepting Company that you can take with you when you're dining or having lunch alone to meet new people. It's ideal for locations like Cosi, Panera Bread... Chipotle or other places you go for a quick bite to eat and would like to have someone join you.

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