Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lurnto-----Watch And Learn

What Company Is Offering:
Lurnto is an online portal for people who need quick access to advice and expert tutorials. The site will bring together international experts offering excellent tutorial videos which can be streamed from the website. Users are free to browse through the videos and even upload their own.

How It Works:
Lurnto offers excellent video quality for an enhanced user experience. Videos are uploaded frequently so users can always expect to see something new and different on Lurnto. The web design team continues to add new features even after its launch. This website certainly hasn’t stopped evolving and their objective is to find new and improved ways in which to better the website so it can offer a great visual and learning experience for the user. does not charge a fee to upload videos so people are free to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. Almost anyone can be an expert. Lurnto welcomes videos from people in different walks of life. It could be medicine, law, sports or any other field as long as the video is informative.

Users are not restricted in the videos that they download so they can take advantage of the tutorials offered by the website. So whether it is learning how to play the piano or how to make a pancake, users can log on and watch a video instead of reading through an article, manual or journal. ‘Watch and learn’ is the buzz phrase for the website.
Users from around the globe can log on and view tutorial videos in fields like beauty, health, language, pets, automotives, home, music, sport - the list goes on.

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