Friday, February 29, 2008 is the most revolutionary job finding and job posting website combining simplicity and technology

What Company Is Offering: is the most revolutionary job finding and job posting website combining simplicity and technology. They at jobbi have one initiative, to finally make it easy for you to find a job or employees. They incorporate many really amazing features, first and foremost HeadHunt, a truly innovative way for peers to connect job seekers to employers based on their criteria. Secondly, we are the cheapest job site on the market, free to job seekers and pennies to employers. They are here to eliminate the grind of finding a job and finding good employees, they want to make your life as easy as possible.

How It Works:
1. Go to the “register” link at the top right of the homepage.
2. Plug in your personal information then create a unique username and password.
3. Copy and paste your resume or company information into the large box provided named “resume or company info.”
4. Upload your picture from your personal computer.
5. Upload a video resume (see video resume on how to create a video resume) from your personal computer.
6. Plug in the information for your first post and whether you are here to find a job or post a job.
7. Enter the code to block spammers.
8. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.

How Is It Different:

They want people to post jobs and find jobs as easily as possible. They feel that jobbi can be more than just a job site, they want jobbi to be a classifieds of sorts. They want people who need to find a dog sitter, a house sitter, or a pool man to be able to come to jobbi, buy a post for dirt cheap and tap into our massive database simply and efficiently and with our HeadHunt system, you will only need to keep your post up for a few days because you will have plenty of recommendations in hours.

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