Friday, February 29, 2008

Traackr, a digital asset tracking and social net worth measuring tool

What Company Says:
Traackr is the answer to digital content creators' frustration. Traackr, a digital asset tracking and social net worth measuring tool.

If you have pictures, videos, music or even reviews scattered across the Web, and you have no idea how many people are looking at them or responding to them, Traackr is the ultimate answer.

Not only does it track anything you want on the most popular sharing sites, it also lets you measure your influence and interact with other content producers just like you.

There's enough stress in creating beautiful, thoughtful work to have to worry about keeping track of it on top of your other worries. Let Traackr do the tracking for you and become your content marketing tool.

How It Works:

Simply create an account, and tell Traackr where your assets are by creating a campaign - this flexible tool lets you group assets in ways that are meaningful to you, and will show you how much of an audience you have for the products of your creativity.

You can start as many campaigns as you like. Once you've created your campaign(s), it takes Traackr 24 hours to start generating statistics and putting you on the "digerati" map.

Traackr is invaluable because it is the one tool that finally puts a value to your content. You put lots of energy into your content, and lots more into bringing it to the world - there is no site out there that lets you know how well you're doing. Traackr rewards you with statistics that in a snapshot tell you what your "social net worth" is: how much of an audience you're building, who's listenting to what you have to say, who's dwonloading your excellent material.

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