Thursday, February 28, 2008

kluster--Crowdsourcing Innovation

What Company Is Offering:
kluster is a place to harness the power of community collaboration to get stuff done. Everyone has ideas, they provide a platform to get them out of heads and into the world…where they belong.

They initially built kluster to facilitate large group decision-making during product development, marketing/advertising initiatives, and event planning. then, after the system got its algorithmic brain, they realized it was powerful in virtually any decision-making activity, with groups large or small.

How It Works:
kluster uses projects to define goals. a project could be a new product, an event, a marketing campaign, or virtually any goal that is better served by engaging a group of people.

They use phases to break down the project into small, manageable deliverables. throughout each phase the community participates by posting, enhancing, refining, and supporting proposed solutions to the phase’s goal. Phases can be public (allowing the entire world to influence the decision) or private (allowing a select group of your choosing to participate).

sparks are proposed solutions to a phase. They can be submitted in a variety of ways: text, photos, graphics, audio/video, CAD, animation, etc. users can express themselves in whatever way they are most comfortable.

Community members show their support for sparks by investing in the ideas they believe in using kluster’s currency: the watt. watts are earned through participation, and grow based upon sound investments, just like real money. watts encourage users to participate and stay on target, keeping the community productive.

Rather then just choosing the most popular item, kluster uses advanced algorithms to make decisions. All the activity and participation on kluster is stored and analyzed. The data is used in the decision-making process. Each user's successes, failures, reputation, areas of expertise, and overall history are considered.

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