Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rivals4Ever --It is a plaza where like-mindeds meet the unlike-mindeds

What Company Is Offering:

Rivals4Ever or r4e is the ultimate destination for anyone who has a passion for anything in life. It is aimed at revving up the emotions of all those who feel strong about anything.Thought of after watching the Hollywood flick "Fever Pitch", r4e is the brainchild of an individual who had no place to shout that McLaren is not just good but that it is better than Ferrari.

How Is It Different:

r4e is not just one of those community sites where like-minded people get together and discuss how smart they are in supporting what they support. It is essentially about rivalry. It is a plaza where like-mindeds meet the unlike-mindeds. And then what ensues is what we call 'RIVALS4EVER'!

Though simplistic in its concept, the implications of r4e are enormous. Ranging from the local cafes or farm-houses around you to international celebrities and institutes - just about anyone and anything has a rival. And that is the emotion we are trying to capture.

Don't just support the ones you love, but defend them, fight for them. Prove it that you are a true fan!

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Abhishek said...

Thanks Ajay for writing about Rivals4Ever. Please let us know how we can make R4E more exciting and engaging.