Monday, March 10, 2008

Anonymous Employee---To fill the communication gap that exists in most workplaces

What Company Is Offering:

Anonymous Employee was created to fill the communication gap that exists in most workplaces. They provide employees and employers an opportunity to discuss issues that affect productivity and morale. When issues such as sexual harassment, bullying, or discrimination, affect your workplace, speak out early before the problem grows too large. They are here to help both employer and employee resolve concerns.

How It Works:

They provide you with an opportunity to express yourself without taking the risk you normally would by sticking up your hand and openly raising issues. Let's face it, there is a time and a place for everything. Sometimes the time is now, and the place is an anonymous forum. Often, they know what changes need to be made in order to create a better company and a happier work environment. It is up to you to communicate those needs to your employer.

The mission of Anonymous Employee is to assist and facilitate the discussion and resolution of concerns in the workplace. They provide a method to help reduce fraud, improve health and safety, increase communication, improve morale, increase productivity and lower turnover.

Anonymous Employee can provide your company with a complete Employee Assistance Program including a powerful online communication process, a state of the art call centre solution, professional mediation services, a Sarbanes-Oxley solution, and professional counseling for employees who are seeking assistance. They are dedicated to helping provide you with the resources, services, and information you need to be successful.

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