Monday, March 10, 2008

Testseek’s main purpose is to inform consumers about the quality and performance of products

What Company Is Offering:
Testseek’s main purpose is to inform consumers about the quality and performance of products. is also a gathering place for all kinds of product information that is relevant to consumers. Their vision is to create the ultimate online purchase decision machine. is actually today the world’s most complete database for expert reviews of consumer related products.

How It works:

They aggregate expert reviews from more than a thousand high quality content web sites. Through their partnerships they also list review information from physical magazines. Their main focus has always been and will always be expert reviews. An unbiased expert review is always preferable next to an user review. There are several reasons for this:
-First, an "expert reviewer" always has greater knowledge and wider experience dealing with products within the field of his expertise. An expert reviewer in the area of digital cameras has often reviewed hundreds of cameras, while a normal consumer only have tested one ore two in detail. Who would you rather listen to?
-Second, we have noticed that regular users often rate products in strange ways. For instance; the submitted rate is often 0/10 or 10/10, i.e. the product either "sucks" or "rules". As an example, we find that users often give a product the rate 0/10 if they received a DOA (Dead On Arrival) product. This is skew because it is very possible that the product is in fact great and the consumer just had a case of bad luck.
User reviews
User reviews give you a picture of the collective experience from other consumers like yourself. We would however like to remind you of that user reviews are seldom as objective and informative as expert reviews. But they do beleive that user reviews can be an excellent complement to expert reviews. They would like to encourage all members of the community to write their product reviews with the purpose to help their fellow consumers to make better purchase decisions.
Best Prices
The prices that are shown at are delivered by their price comparison partners. In the US and UK their price comparison partner is The prices are updated several times a day which enables us to provide their visitors with a real-time-lowest-price experience with a quality as high as any other price comparison site.

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