Monday, March 10, 2008

Entriq develops and manages Pay Media infrastructure,has acquired DayPort,a company that deals with video publishing, content

What Company Is Offering:
Entriq develops and manages Pay Media infrastructure. Their goal is to provide enabling technology and services that expand the business opportunities for Pay Media. They've been doing that successfully, with their IBS system, for more than 20 years in broadcast, cable, and satellite. Now theye're doing it for broadband, Internet TV, and mobile.

How It Works:
MediaSphere from Entriq is the only all-in-one pay media solution that makes turning your content into cash as simple as DragDropSell™. Whether you have movie, music, or sports content you want to sell, we have the technology to securely deliver it to your platform of choice—broadband, mobile, and Internet TV. And we promise you won't lose control of your content in the process.

MediaSphere is the most comprehensive feature-rich pay media solution in the industry. Hands down. We have the proven technology to get your content to market. Fast. And we have the most pay media and video experience in the field. 20 years and counting. That means no more hassling with multiple vendors. No more hidden costs. And no more headaches. Just one solution to help you profit from your media.

MediaSphere can deliver it to the right channel, at the right time. Best of all, they provide an all-in-one solution that covers every aspect of pay media—from content management and security to commerce and tracking. Which means all you have to do is think about the profits.

Recent Updates:

Entriq has acquired DayPort,a company that deals with video publishing, content, work-flow and syndication solutions, for an undisclosed amount. Cory Factor, CEO of DayPort, will be joining Entriq as the company’s new CTO.
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