Tuesday, March 18, 2008

BrandFM is for all your digital brand 'assets'

What Company Is Offering:
BrandFM makes it really easy to find your brand files, with super fast search and browsing by company, brand, tags, GPC categories and more. Find and download the files you need faster than ever with backorders for restricted files. No more missed deadlines.BrandFM is for all your digital brand 'assets'. Assets are files that you use in marketing and communicating your brand and products. Brand Assets = Your brand marketing resources.

How It Works:

Brand owners decide who sees what, who can download, who can upload and who can manage. Public's great for products, Private brillaint for that next great campaign. Members only just the ticket for core assets that are used again and again. You stay in control.
Invite your designer or agency to upload your brand files and media directly to your online library. Owner Approvals means you stay in control and when you approve- your users can instantly access.

You get your own site address (e.g. yourcompany.brandfm.com) with just your stuff and your own brandable corporate look and feel. Upload your logo, change your colours and add a button to your main website. Hey presto - you've got your own branded brand library where your users will feel right at home - all without coding.

Users can also search and find your brand when searching across multiple companies and brands on the global BrandFM site using a single user id and password. Big users of multiple brands (such as retail chains) will love the time savings available to them while you stay in full control.

More at:http://www.brandfm.com/

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