Tuesday, March 18, 2008

BudgetGPS Announces Low Cost GPS Tracking Solution - BudgetGPS.com

What Company Is Offering:
BudgetGPS is a division of towXchange, Inc. and is a leading provider of vehicle tracking solutions to the towing and recovery industry. In February 2008, BudgetGPS expanded its operations to include offerings to all industries needing tracking services. The BudgetGPS application currently provides quality vehicle tracking solutions to companies of all sizes at very aggressive price points. BudgetGPS solutions are currently serving over 500 customers across the United States and extensive growth is planned for the system.

How It Works:

BudgetGPS is designed to be intuitive both in setup and daily use. Customers simply login to the BudgetGPS website and access their own instance of BudgetGPS to track their fleets, run reports, review history and more. System security manages user roles and access to certain features. The system offers HTML reports as well as export options for utilizing the data within other applications. The mapping system is Google Maps based and easy to use.

How It Will Help Companies:
“With BudgetGPS, small companies can afford to implement a GPS solution and all of the tracking data is available to the owner or manager from the internet. This system was designed with a goal of real time dispatch tracking capability and the ability to integrate to the management systems already in place within their potential client base. BudgetGPS can certainly review history, run speed and stops reports and can monitor vehicle location but it was not designed to monitor RPMs or the number of times a driver opens a door. This system was designed to accomplish the task of determining truck location at a reasonable price point and it has overachieved on that goal.”

More at:www.budgetgps.com

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