Tuesday, March 18, 2008

w2wlink.com -- Professional Networking Site For Women Only

What Company Is Offering:
The w2wlink vision is to provide a community and place with resources, knowledge, tools and connections that women need to support growth during times of change in their professional and personal lives.w2wlink.com is the premier online community for professional women in times of growth who work smart and live well. It is a free content and professional peer group social networking website. Members get confidential profile creation, and matched placement into w2wlink Network Circles of up to ten members with common interests to learn, seek advice and share viewpoints. Members can share articles, quizzes, post SmartComments, network and more. Groups include interests such as: Corporate Fast Track, Entrepreneurial Journey, Career Transition and Work-Life Balance.

How It Works:
www.w2wlink.com matches women into free networking circles based on their filling out detailed profiles and then w2wlink custom matches them into peer groups of up to ten. w2wlink.com is a first of its kind, best in its category, online networking community that custom matches members for free, into peer network circles of common interest. Network circle groups include such common interest areas such as Corporate Fast Track, Entrepreneurial Journey, Career Transition, Work-Life Balance.

More at:http://www.w2wlink.com/

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