Monday, March 3, 2008

DotPag provides the tools for you to organize your life

What Company Is Offering:

DotPag provides the tools for you to organize your life.DotPag is the first online organizer where you can efficiently organize your bookmarks, images, diary. You can also manage meetings, appointments, events, your contacts in an address book, reminders by email; a to do list and a blogging service. What more could you want in a web organizer website. DotPag does it all, And its all free!

How It Works:

With DotPag you have immediate access to a dozen of services that will turn your life around. You can either share your data or save it as private. In both cases it will help you keep track of you daily life. Upload your pictures and other documents to your DotPag account for Free.

You can access your DotPag account from any computer connected to the internet. This is an advantage for people who use more than one computer or travel frequently. Your information is password protected and totally secure.
Dotpag is a 100 percent FREE of charge and you can start using our services TODAY!
You dont have to hire a professional organizer (will cost you time and a lot of MONEY)
Use your single DotPag ID to keep track of everything happening in your life: to do list, dates to remember, diaries, pictures and documents, phonebooks, bookmarks, blogs... You can also share you information with other friends or family.

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