Monday, March 3, 2008

WallStreet CHIC a new Atlanta-based social media network for business women

What Company is Offering:
WallStreet CHIC a new Atlanta-based social media network for business women .With word-of-mouth as its main driver so far, women from across the United States, and in the UK, have joined the community to see what the fuss is about.Wall Street CHIC is the place for women to get ahead. Their inspiration? Celebrating your accomplishments and empowering you to achieve success on your own terms!

Known as “the place for women to get ahead” the online community has attracted business women from every walk of life.

How It Works:

Members, referred to on the site as “Moguls”, are of all racial and ethnic backgrounds and own businesses or have careers as diverse as they are. One member owns a luxury pet boutique in Rhode Island, another manages a mergers and acquisitions law firm in Atlanta, another runs an event planning firm in Los Angeles, and yet another recently began an image consulting business in Appleton, Wisconsin. Career women on the site run the gamut from entertainers—including a former American Idol contestant and a rising Hollywood starlet—to traditional careerists like a former NASA executive and a national sales director for a company based in Texas.

From recent graduates to seasoned multimillion dollar business owners, Wall Street CHIC is making headway with business women who are on the move. A sneak peek at a few members’ profiles reveals their delight at having found a Web 2.0 community that caters to their career and business whims.

Diverse group of members and tons of information to read and listen to. The most interesting thing is the mix of business owners as well. Things that make you go ‘hmmm, entrepreneurship’.”

With personal pages that enable career and business women to network—and original print, radio and video content, including a Wall Street CHIC TV show called “This Is My Biz!”—this social media community is picking up steam and fast becoming a business woman’s best friend. Wall Street CHIC’s formal mission is: To celebrate and fortify every woman's journey in career and business. Its founding philosophy is: Every woman deserves to be celebrated for her professional accomplishments; and every woman deserves access to the best resources and brightest people to attain her professional goals.

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