Monday, March 3, 2008

SailBlogs is the leading provider of blogging and map tracking solutions for the sailing community

What Company Is Offering:

SailBlogs is the leading provider of blogging and map tracking solutions for the sailing community. From weekend sailors to ocean racers and cruisers, SailBlogs provides members with web-based journals (blogs), photo and video galleries and map tracking for their adventures.

How It Works:
SailBlogs can offer your company or project advanced services that will create a unique and dynamic web presence. The following section outlines some of the major services we offer. Contact us to discuss your specific needs in detail.

SailBlogs Custom Setup
For existing websites looking to integrate a single blog and/or map tracking for a particular event or project. SailBlogs can handle the setup and configuration of all the features needed for the site to make sure that the project can take full advantage of the power and flexibility SailBlogs can provide.

SailBlogs Web API
Premium members have access to the web API (application program interface) that allows for direct retrival of blog information from other websites. This allows web developers the ability to directly integrate a SailBlogs journal information into any site.

Custom Web Site Development / XPlot Mapping Solutions
If you are in need of a full website with graphic design, integrated blog, RSS, podcast/vidcast, map tracking or other web features, we have the experience and capability to provide just about any solution needed. We are well-versed in the needs of special projects, expeditions, races and other remote adventures having developed sites for many adventures over all parts of the globe. From pole to pole, every ocean and continent, our system has been there and provided web solutions in support of the team.

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