Thursday, March 13, 2008

Helium is revolutionizing freelancing

What Company Is Offering:
Helium is revolutionizing freelancing.

If you are tired of having to read publishers’ minds for query letters that get ignored or if you want to break into freelancing but don’t have a body of clips to show yet, Helium’s Marketplace is for you.

In Marketplace, you see the titles that publishers need. And no one’s prejudging you because you haven’t been previously published – your work for the publisher right here is the only credential you need!

How It Works:
Helium’s Marketplace is the only place on the web where publishers are posting the titles they need articles for right now. Their partner publishers are paying from $20 to $200 for each selected article, so you can earn more when your article is the one picked by the publisher.
Helium is a community of fellow writers. Connect with people like you who have similar interests or mentor a new writer. Join a moderated discussion, improve your writing in Writers’ Workshops, ask questions of a Team Helium member or just share your thoughts.
Helium cares about quality. The success of Helium depends on it. Read the Helium Writing Standards and unlock your potential.

Fun and interesting writing contests at Helium inspire writers to greater heights and increased earnings. Check out the latest contests, join and compete to earn even more!
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