Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jyte--Add a new dimension to your social network using Jyte groups and contacts

What Company is Offering:
If you have something to say, then make a claim and let the community vote on it. Make claims about yourself, friends, and family. Put your stake in the ground and see where the votes go.Add a new dimension to your social network using Jyte groups and contacts. Create groups and share your online cred and claims with the people who matter.

How It Works:

You can claim anything, so have at it. It's fun, and it's even more fun to get discussions and votes going. All you have to do is click on the Make a Claim link at the top of the page and type your claim in the box. For example, " is smart" or "Ferraris are fun to drive." You can add a description or video embeds to the claim, and tag it to make it easier to find. Then watch as your friends and the Jyte community vote and comment on your claim.

Jyte doesn't host video files on its website, but you can embed videos that are hosted on video sharing sites such as YouTube. Just browse to the YouTube video that you'd like to embed in your claim. The copy the HTML code that YouTube shows in the Embed box that is to the right of the video. Paste that link into the Description box on the claim preview page, or the Make a new comment box on a published claim. A video will display!

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