Thursday, April 3, 2008

Attributor is the world’s first web-wide content monitoring and analysis platform has raised $12 million

What Company Is Offering:
Attributor is the world’s first web-wide content monitoring and analysis platform that empowers all kinds of publishers to track their content online, understand how it is being used and profit from its distribution.

How It Works:
With Attributor, publishers can now program when, how and where their content is presented across the web and social networks. Advanced fingerprinting algorithms, a large scale crawling infrastructure and detailed contextual analysis provide publishers with web-wide visibility of their articles, images or videos. Using the Attributor platform, customers can monitor licensed uses, identify new sales leads and revenue-sharing opportunities, and derive more links and better search engine placement.

First, Attributor provides critical business intelligence on how and where content is distributed across the Internet . Next, they’ll provide you with context about each site copying your content. Third, by allowing you to set rules of use for your content, Attributor enables you to tap into the promotional and commercial value of your content after it leaves your site, increasing the traffic your site receives.
Lastly, as an independent and objective source for this information, Attributor will make your rules easily available to content hosts, search engines and ad networks, to enable them to make better decisions about how to serve, index and monetize your content.

How Much They Got From VCs:

Attributor, a Redwood City, Calif.-based provider of online content licensing technology, has raised $12 million in Series C funding. Jafco Ventures and Turner Broadcasting were joined by return backers Sigma Partners, Amicus Capital, Draper Richards, First Round Capital and Selby Venture Partners. It had previously raised $10 million.


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