Thursday, April 3, 2008

Striding Out aims to be a sustainable service for young entrepreneurs

What Company Is Offering:
Striding Out Community Interest Company, was set up with the intention to nurture and support young entrepreneurship. Young people often face discrimination when starting out in business, and they often lack the experience and confidence in their abilities, despite having great ideas. They wanted to help them stride out on their journey, by providing a range of tailored support that was youthful, exciting and dynamic – and very unlike sitting in the classroom.

Their approach is to provide you with the right information, support and resources throughout the different stages of your business journey. Whether you are exploring an idea, planning a business, have just launched a business, or you are planning to grow my business.

How It Works:
Creating a community network of young entrepreneurs, to mobilise peer to peer action-learning and the generation of business relationships.

Facilitating connections between young entrepreneurs and resources to support the development of their business and open doors to new business opportunities.

Providing motivational coaching, training and support to harness and grow entrepreneurial qualities in young people, to generate positive action from start-up through to growth stage.

Raising awareness about the best way to run a business, with a positive impact on the environment, economy and community to create the next generation of sustainable entrepreneurs.

They aim to create a unique energy for new members to thrive on and they hope that by being a member of the community the entrepreneur will develop and show the true characteristics.........risk taking, inspired, responsible, enthusiastic, determined, considerate, and motivated!Striding Out aims to be a sustainable service for young entrepreneurs.

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