Monday, April 28, 2008 internship search

What Company Is Offering:, an innovative online MBA internship resource center specially designed to facilitate the MBA internship search and overall application process for first-year graduate business students worldwide seeking opportunities in the United States.

How It Works:

At, graduate business students can quickly view and link to the latest MBA internship opportunities posted by employers and recruiters from all across the web. In addition, interested employers and recruiters can contact InternshipGPS directly to post and/or promote their unique internship opportunities. Lastly, InternshipGPS will also provide guides and resources on resume and cover letter building, as well as on best practices and strategies for internship interviews.

InternshipGPS is committed to serving the needs of MBA students in their career path navigation. Students are encouraged to contact InternshipGPS with ideas, suggestions and concerns regarding how the organization can serve them more effectively.

Why It Could Work:

Year after year, thousands of first-year MBA students throughout the world compete with one other for the top summer internship opportunities: however, while there are numerous job search engines and job posting websites, as well as countless off and online guides on resumes, cover letters and job interviews, there are few, if any, that truly focus on MBA students and centralize all of these opportunities and informational resources in one easy-to-navigate location.

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