Monday, April 28, 2008

Trendpedia is your free entry in to what’s Buzz in the Blog-o-sphere

What Company Is Offering:
Trendpedia is your free entry in to what’s Buzz in the Blog-o-sphere.
Search blogs — discover who’s discussing what, where, when and how. Trendpedia finds trends in social media. You choose the topics, enter the keywords, and click “Search Trend”.

Trendpedia finds the articles online that talk about your topics. Trendpedia organizes the articles in a trendline that shows the popularity of the topic over time — you can track a topic’s trendline from three months ago up to today.

How It Works:

Enter a topic, or several topics, click “search trend” and wait while Trendpedia speedily searches blogs in several languages.

Trendpedia’s line chart shows the popularity of the topics over time. Click on the chart to visit blog entries from a particular day.

Trendpedia collects posts about your topic per day. Click on the trendlines to find the articles about your topic posted on the date of choice. Watch the articles appear in the tabs below, organised according to topic and date.

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