Monday, April 28, 2008

Four Paws Hotel for a delightful holiday for every dog in particular

What Company Is Offering:
Four Paws Hotel for a delightful holiday. Providing individual care for every dog in particular, the specialists working for the luxury dog board kennels are there to make sure your dog feels comfortable and relaxed. Not only will your dog be offered the best pet care ever but will benefit from immediate medical assistance, provided by a qualified Veterinary Surgeon when necessary.

How It Works:

With extensive experience when it comes to dogs, they have put the foundation of a truly flourishing business and have many satisfied customers. The services they provide are a clear demonstration of their genuine passion and love for animals, always making sure that your dog feels just as comfortable as if he/she were at home.

During the period of stay, the pet care assistants will make sure your dog exercises and eats only healthy food. Special diets are provided upon request and you will have the opportunity to enjoy your personal holiday, knowing that your dog is in good hands. In fact, they even provide relaxation music, carefully chosen for your much loved pet.

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