Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A new breed of Profile Site! You don't just get a profile, you get your own little piece of Heaven

What Company Is Offering:
A new breed of Profile Site! You don't just get a profile, you get your own little piece of Heaven. Signup Now for free, or browse the 1000s of members who already have!

The new Profileheaven features gives you the ability to search for Music Artist, Albums, Films, Books, Video Games, Electronic Gadgets and more using our super fast search engine. Meaning you will have the ability to build a library of all your media treasures to compare with other users.

All of the item you add to your Media Dome library will then be displayable on your Profile for everyone the world too see, merely by ticking the boxes for items you want on you "My Profile" design page.

The Media dome give you the ability to rate and write reviews for every title and item you see fit, which will directly effect their very own Media Dome chart which displays the real time rankings of every item owned by their users.

How It Works:

When you sign up to use Profileheaven.com there are several pieces of information which you provide that are used to determine your profile information. You can alter all of this information at any time to keep your profile up to date. There are two different sections in which you can alter particular pieces of information about your self.

Firstly there are your personal details such as your real name, e-mail address, messenger addresses, country, region, birthday (which will automatically calculate your age), gender and time zone.
This information can be found and altered by first clicking on "My Account" on the orange toolbar found on all Profileheaven pages. The clicking on "Settings" will take you to a menu with the option "Your Details" being the top button. Clicking on the button takes you to a menu in which you will be able to alter the above details.

Secondly there is your "About Me" and "Vital Statistics" information. This includes details of your personal preferences and general description.
This can be found an altered by clicking on "My Profile" which will take you to a menu which includes all your additional information.

After making alterations to either of the information menus described, you should click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page to store any alterations you have made

When you signed up to ProfileHeaven you were asked to fill in a "username" and also a "display name". You would need to make sure that you are signing in with your "username" to access the site. Alternatively you can access your account by using your email address to login with, as long as you have the right password to access the profile.

More at:http://profileheaven.com/

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