Tuesday, May 6, 2008

alonovo.com ----A free, Intelligent Marketplace for Socially Responsible Shopping

What Company Is Offering:
A free, Intelligent Marketplace for Socially Responsible Shopping (SRS). There are no subscription fees, and no additional charges are added to the products you purchase. They get paid a commission from Amazon (between 6% and 8%), and they then share what they get with the cause of your choice.

How It Works:

alonovo.com is the only place you can get trusted company ratings integrated into your shopping experience. Plus, they donate a minimum of 50% of revenue to a non-profit of your choice (100% with active partners) and you help begin the new, social values led economy. The more you use us (and tell everyone about us), the greater impact we have on corporate behavior, and the more we can reinvest into the alonovo.com experience to make it even better for you in the future.

You do not have to register on alonovo.com to shop with them. However, if you want to customize your values or post in their community forums, you do have to be a registered user.

More at:http://www.alonovo.com/

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