Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Public Library of Law ---PLoL is the largest free law library in the world

What Company Is Offering:

Public Library of Law -- to make it easy to find the law online. PLoL is the largest free law library in the world, because they assemble law available for free scattered across many different sites -- all in one place. PLoL is the best starting place to find law on the Web.PLoL also includes free links to paid content on Fastcase. PLoL is already the Web's largest free law library, but with additional links from Fastcase, it is one of the most comprehensive law libraries in the world.

PLoL is brought to you by the same people who created Fastcase, the next-generation legal research system of choice for legal professionals everywhere. Since 1999, Fastcase has been democratizing the law by empowering more people to access the law the same way they access the Web. Fastcase's premium service offers comprehensive access to the law online and powerful research tools for a premium value.

More at:http://www.plol.org/

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