Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Their company's mission is to "help people stay in touch by managing business cards"

What Company Is Offering:
Their company's mission is to "help people stay in touch by managing business cards". They help people who use the Internet for either professional, recreational or family reasons, people who use e-mail as their main form of communication and the Internet as their work tool.

How It Works:

Using the web alone, business cards can be managed visually and the traditional form of contact is translated into the virtual world of the Internet, thus benefiting from all the advantages offered by new technologies.

They use agile methodologies in their approach and these can be roughly summed up in the following points:

Management style based on leadership and collaboration.
An organisation which relies on the traditional idea of giving orders to and controlling staff would find it difficult to manage an agile project. The strict hierarchies of the-boss-orders and the-employee-obeys always lead to situations where people limit themselves to doing only what they are required and paid to do and nothing more. In an agile organisation, coaching and collaborative leadership will bring out the best in the team. We do not want a boss who tells people what to do, we want a leader who can motivate. We do not want control, we want collaboration.

People-based Business Culture
The unique vision of controlling business processes tends to disappear without taking into account the relationship between these processes and the people who carry them out. Success depends on the way people interact with processes and technology.

More at:https://www.nuebbo.com/

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