Tuesday, May 27, 2008

eCast Inc is a broadband-enabled touchscreen media network, has secured $12.3 million

What Company Is Offering:
Ecast operates the largest broadband touchscreen media network in the United States, providing digital music to over 10,000 bars and nightclubs across the country. Their unique touchscreen music service allows locations to put the power of choice where it should be: with the consumer. Utilizing the speed and scalability of broadband, Ecast delivers music, advertising and other forms of entertainment to the young-adults most responsible for affecting purchasing decisions and consumer trends. Ecast is changing the way people listen to music in public places and revolutionizing out-of-home advertising.

How Much They Got From VCs:

eCast Inc., a San Francisco-based operator of a broadband-enabled touchscreen media network, has secured $12.3 million of an $18.64 million Series D-1 round, according to a regulatory filing. Shareholders include Focus Ventures, Mobius Venture Capital, Crosslink Capital, DCM and El Dorado Ventures. The company has raised over $97 million in total VC funding since its 199 inception.

More at:http://www.ecastnetwork.com/

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