Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vantos Inc is provider of enterprise investigation management, has raised $10.69 million

What Company Is Offering:
VANTOS is singularly and passionately focused on being the global leader in the Enterprise Investigation Management market. From minor office misconduct to international financial crimes, companies can spend millions of dollars conducting workplace investigations. Employees misuse expense accounts for personal use. Managers divulge proprietary, confidential information. Accounting fudges end-of-the-quarter numbers. Executives create offshore shell companies to transfer debt off the books. The list of potential fraud and misconduct goes on and on.
They empower businesses to initiate, execute and manage investigations with their patent-pending technologies that power the V-FlexIM product. Designed to tackle the increasing variety and volume of investigations facing companies in the today's heavily regulated market.

How Much They Got From VCs:
Vantos Inc., a Seattle-based provider of enterprise investigation management, has raised $10.69 million in Series B funding, according to a regulatory filing. Backers include Fluke Venture Partners, OVP Venture Partners and Outlook Ventures.

More at:www.vantos.com

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