Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Knewsroom is a community-directed news publication where not only do you have a voice—you get paid to use it

What Company Is Offering:
Knewsroom is a community-directed news publication where not only do you have a voice—you get paid to use it. “The Knews” gets published every morning, featuring the previous day’s top stories in Politics, Business, Technology, Design, Sports, and Entertainment. 20% of every dollar they generate in advertising gets split with the people who make the Knews happen: writers, readers, evangelists...anyone looking to turn extra brainwidth into extra cash.It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s easy to get started.

How It Works:
You can submit stories in response to topics suggested by the community, or follow your instincts and write about what you think is important. Content can be original (created by a Knewsie), or syndicated (linked from another news source) and may include articles, photos, and video. If the community thinks your content is Knewsworthy, not only does it stand a chance of getting published, but if it’s original content you could earn another $150 on top of your share of the day’s ad revenue.

The more involved you are in Knewsroom, the more power you’ll have to shape it. You accumulate watts—our official community currency—by being an active member of the community: suggesting topics, writing stories, voting, and referring other members. The idea is to invest your watts in what you think should tomorrow’s Knews should be. Just like on Wall Street, your return on investment is determined by the risk you take. You can invest in Topics—which are kind of like mutual funds (lower risk/lower return), or you can bet on Stories—which you can think of as individual stocks (higher risk/higher return). Of course, you can diversify and do both. Like everything else at Knewsroom,™ it’s entirely up to you.

Each day at deadline, Knewsroom fires up the press and runs a sophisticated matrix algorithm to determine the Top 5 Topics and the Top 5 Stories each section. If you happen to bet on a winner, not only will you get your share of all the watts that went invested into the winner, but you’ll get your cut of the ad revenue generated that day — that’s real cash money, credited to your own Knewsroom™ MasterCard.

More at:http://knewsroom.com/

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