Monday, May 12, 2008

Ecomonkey --Rewarding Green Shopping

What Company Is Offering:
Ecomonkey doesn't tease you with green rewards whatever you buy. Ecomonkey encourages you to buy greener in the first place. Whether you are shopping for fashion, a new mp3 player, replacing a household appliance, wanting to green your energy supply or holiday by train, Ecomonkey has something for you.

You can chose from thousands and thousands of products, thousands of brands and from hundreds of selected retailers - including many well-known high street names.

Before we enter into a relationship with a retailer we check out the their their ethical credentials, so you won't find shops with an unknown pedigree.

You will find familiar shops, presented in traditional categories, but cleverly filtered so that their greener products rise to the surface. You won't find unsavoury offers, gambling or get rich quick schemes.

How It Works:

Ecomonkey classifies everything simply and neatly using an easy to understand traffic light rating scheme.

Navigating the site is easy peasy. Browse by retailer, brand or category or combine these with your search criteria. Then use the clever tag filters to narrow or expand your search. The greener products automatically rise to the top.

How green is that product? Check the little label tags: basically a green tag is best, but an orange tag is good too. A red tag, however, means the product is in the bottom half of all products and thus receives the lowest level of green points.

As for claiming rewards, iTunes and gift certificates for starters, that is very easy too. But if you prefer, you can donate them to one of our favourite charities, or perhaps try a carbon offset from Climate Care.

If you are interested, we give a rating to the retailer and the brand too. If you need to know why we have given a particular brand or retailer a given rating, you can click on the relevant link.

And if want to deepen your research further, you can use our natty little "ethical corporate watch" search engine called greenspy.

If you are an old hand and already pretty green, then we hope you'll find the site useful too. In the weeks and months ahead we plan to turn on the community plumbing and start to create a mutually supportive community - though that maybe sounds a bit like an insurance product, we hope you know what we mean.

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