Monday, May 12, 2008 is a global arts and crafts community and movement

What Company Is Offering: (MAP) is a global arts and crafts community and movement. It is an empowerment platform that offers functional tools to re-design the industry's archaic social, professional, and commercial dynamics. On MAP, any one participant is a crucial element of the global movement.

By providing functional social, professional and commercial tools, MAP allows disconnected artists, crafters, artisans and buyers worldwide to connect socially while interacting professionally and commercially. On MAP, you can showcase, critique, rate, review, favorite, buy, and sell original arts and crafts while interacting with people from around the world and across all experience levels.

How Is It Different :

With social, professional, and commercial tools that are functional, MAP is different because it is more than just an art community. MAP is a movement. It is a global community working together and fighting for real changes. MAP's core identity is its fight against elitism and the struggle to spread unity amongst the world's isolated art communities. Among many things, MAP allows you to upload and showcase your work, be engaged in a meaningful peer review process, effectively earn income by selling your work in its market venue, share your experiences and interests, and learn about others through blogs and forums.

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