Monday, May 12, 2008

Mad Mimi is a simple, intelligent and fun email marketing utility that anyone can use

What Company Is Offering:
Mad Mimi is a simple, intelligent and fun email marketing utility that anyone can use. Mad Mimi makes email marketing easy for the creator and lovely for the reader to look at when they get it in their inbox. With ground-breaking technology, Mad Mimi introduces the easiest way for people to create amazing email newsletters and promotions. Sign up free today and get started with simple, lovely, email marketing.

How It Works:

Everyone starts off with a free account (no credit card required, and you can downgrade to it at any time). They simply ask for the facts; your name, the name of your organization and a password. If you're starting off with one of their paid plans, you'll be asked to enter your credit card information after you've created your free account. Mad Mimi is absolutely secured with 128-bit SSL (same as banks use). Creating an account is safe, secure and as easy as 1-2-3.

Add some people to your audienceYour audience is a group of people who know you or your organization in some way. Want to use Mad Mimi to keep friends and family in the know? Thinking of creating an email promotion to send to your customers, members or fans? Mad Mimi is built for both, and unlike other services, Mad Mimi makes it easy to add people from virtually anywhere. Once you add people to Mad Mimi, Mad Mimi lets you store, target and organize an unlimited number of contacts without ever hitting you up with extra charges. Duplicates are weeded out, bounces are handled and custom signup screens help you grow your audience. Adding people takes just a few seconds and unlike other services, Mad Mimi lets you import from virtually anywhere.Once you've created your email promotion, it's time to send it. Sending a promotion is fun because Mad Mimi shows exactly who is viewing your email, how many times they're doing it, when they did it and what they're clicking on in real time. You can get an overview for the life of the campaign or drill down all the way to minute by minute detail.

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