Wednesday, May 7, 2008

IndieShares is revolutionary way to finance and produce films

What Company Is Offering:
IndieShares is revolutionary way to finance and produce films. They receive thousands of scripts and each one moves through their proprietary filtering process. The scripts with the highest IndieScores™ are optioned and only then do they ask for Your Vote. For as little as $10, you can have a say in what's made and own a piece of the "Action!"

How It Works:

Simply read the script summaries and watch the short video pitches. Then cast Your Vote for the story you think will make the best movie.

The winning script will be turned in to a public offering with shares available for as little as $10. Your Money will then be used to produce your movie. IndieShares will only use reputable production companies and talent. When your movie is sold, any profits will be split among the shareholders.

As a producer, you'll have exclusive access to clips and stills from the shoot. You can also join chat sessions with the director and actors and see the whole thing come together firsthand. Once the movie is made, head to the theatre, grab some popcorn and watch Your Movie.

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