Wednesday, May 7, 2008

YackPack----Effective method to communicate in a private space on the Internet

What Company Is Offering:

YackPack provides a simple audio platform that provides any group a natural and effective method to communicate in a private space on the Internet. With YackPack you can leave asynchronous voice messages and talk in real time with your group. Through the richness of audio, YackPack delivers the return to emotional connections with the people that matter most wherever they live, whatever their language or age and whenever they want to listen.

How It Works:

YackPack provides a private and fun space to connect with the people that matter the most to you. With YackPack you can communicate on your schedule with an entire group or an individual member with one simple “click, talk, send”. It is fast, easy and overcomes time zones, geography, language and age barriers that typical solutions do not adequately address. You can also talk in real time with members of your group who are also logged in. Most importantly, YackPack captures and conveys the expressiveness of voice and puts the emotion and humanness back in internet communication.

You can leave voice messages, broadcast announcements or talk in real time. Staying logged in to the pack allows your team to communicate throughout the day.
Set up a family YackPack to create a wonderful and personal way to improve your contact with the people that you care about most such as children in college, grandchildren, siblings in other states/countries, or even to help monitor the health of aging parents.
Create a YackPack Club to communicate more quickly and effortlessly with your friends and club mates.

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