Friday, May 30, 2008 --All your music in one place

What Company Is Offering: is a venture funded group of software engineers with the single mission of making the Web a better experience for music. All your music in one place: on the web
Listen online as much as you want.Share music with your friends.Get MP3s for your iPod.More details to come when they complete our beta.

How It Works:

Search or browse by your favorite genre. They have over 5 million licensed songs. You'll find something you'll like. If you like what you hear, click the add button to buy it for 10¢. You've just put a web song in your lala collection! By the way, the first 50 web songs are free.
If you already have a music library on your computer, their Music Mover application gets your music online so fast it seems like magic. It's free and it works for Mac, too.

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