Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MyCommittee Is Collaborative tool for business

What Company Is Offering:
Committees and meetings dominate the way in which we do business and make decisions today, but they are typically thought of as inefficient. Much of the waste is due to lack of clear objectives, poorly managed meetings and unprepared members.

MyCommittee brings the committee process on-line and provides an innovative and long needed communication and management framework for transforming the committee into an efficient collaborative tool for business. It provides groups, wherever there members are, a central location for the management and communication of committee work.

How It Works:

MyCommittee keeps track for you of all action items, deferred items, etc. Meeting after meeting... For instance, when an agenda item was not completed during a meeting, it will show up again on a future agenda. Nothing is ever lost or forgotten!

When you schedule a new meeting, all members will receive a personalized notification email with a link to the online agenda. Members can add notes and comments and can RSVP directly from this page. The same will happen after the minutes are created.

All this is organized by providing your team with its own private web site. The intelligent Agenda and Minutes wizards will assist you with creating meeting agendas and minutes saving you plenty of valuable time!

No more documents to mail or email around. No more lost notes with ideas or comments. No more forgotten agenda items.

Members can communicate via threaded discussions and comments. You can even attach comments and notes to individual agenda items.

You will still meet with the same people in the same place but everything is now organized, online and available from any computer with Internet access.

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