Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WORKetc Is For Small Business Solutions

What Company Is Offering:
WORKetc combines all the business software you need into a single, access anywhere, web intranet.

Critical business process tools such as time tracking, billing, project management, online calendars, shared documents and help desk software have now been integrated into a single, easy-to-use web 2.0 application.WORKetc is for small and medium businesses who want access to best practice, business management software, without the cost or complexity of traditional systems.

How It Works:

WORKetc is an online team and small business solution that helps you to work more efficiently and make more money.
Access your Business Worldwide. Free up more personal time by being able to access the "engine room" of your business from your home office, from the airport or from any internet-enabled device.

Maximize Sales Potential. Keep a constant eye on sales and never let another sales opportunity slip away. How many sales would you lose tomorrow should your top sales guy leave? WORKetc moves crucial sales information from specific employees and into a searchable system.

Capture Knowledge. How many minutes a day, hours a week would you spend looking for information or duplicating existing information? WORKetc stores conversations, documents and important reference material in a central, searchable location.

Manage & Store Documents. Don't get caught out spending thousands of dollars setting up and maintaining a local area network and server. WORKetc's document management software lets you store, search and collaborate on important business documents.

Collaborate with Your Team Online. Work online, share resources, project manage, share calendars and transcribe important conversations all within the WORKetcsoftware.

Manage Support Requests. Integrate your contact management, with customer support, sales pipeline, document management and C.R.M for a complete view of your business.

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